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Малой тупо лежит и рыгает

А laconic dialogue constructed in the best traditions of fathers and children conflict, containing much more than it seems at a first glance. You can trace routine fatigue, dissatisfaction with the capitalist system and a huge crave for escapism in the adult’s speech that is understandable to most residents of the 21st century.

On the other hand, our little guy Maloy is gaining consciousness for a moment, reminding his parent of responsibility, including for the baby’s life itself, and also of the consequences that inevitably arise along with the privilege of independence.

Finally, before returning to a state of blissful oblivion, Maloy emphasizes the inalienability of his right for life, self-development and feasible work.

The song “Maloy Stupidly Lies and Burps” is part of a multimedia statement that will be released on the CCULDESACC internet platform on the day of the song’s release.

It also includes paintings and video works created by the editorial staff / artists of the portal.

Cover author - Evgeny Mezhibovsky.

Music by Otvaal (Dmitry Gudnichev, Vlad Stepanov).

Listen: https://bnd.lc/otvaal_maloi