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Timo Sassen

What did Timo Sassen do?

Timo Sassen made some clothing  

Timo Sassen made some clothing and took pictures of it   

Timo Sassen made some clothing and took pictures of it and videos also

What else did Timo Sassen do?

Our Dear Readers expressed their deepest feelings regarding his new collection.

“No, well, there is no place for this anywhere at all … I’m a restrained man, but I don’t tolerate such a thing. I’ll clear the way up for my children and grandchildren from such scum. Where does this all go? Where is this rear wheel drive wheelbarrow heading to? These fucking fags are sinners, that is it. Only one person we have has a bright head and as he said - there is no gay man in this country, so be it!”

Roman Gennadievich

73 y.o. Saratov, Russia

Great! This is just so right on point! A gender appropriation symbiosis appears on the background of the surrounding reality deconstruction allegory. Genderlesness mixed with hyper sexuality evokes an ambivalent feeling of lust and rejection. In addition - the way woman looks on those pictures is a pure pride and certainly - respect.

There is solidarity from my side in almost every aspect of this project. The only pity is that she is anorexic, but it’s good that hair is present where it should be!


23 y.o. Moscow, Russia

I am having those dreams all the time where I am me and I am wearing my teeny-tiny dresses with exactly the same tight leggings and he, with his big, strong arms grabs my shoulders, rips my h… Oh, well, pardon me… It seems that the cut is pretty clean and I also admire the shape of the garment itself. I would love to try on some of those things , but sadly my body condition is not the same anymore, as it was 20 years ago.

Ludmila Alexandrovna

61 y.o. Moscow Oblast, Russia

Oh, my Lord, what is this? Don’t know what it is and what do people “eat” it with. I am too far from all this kind of stuff and would rather prefer to just let it stay wherever it is now.


43 y.o. Perm, Russia

Mmmmm… *weird chewing noises* I would season this party with my Crèmebrûléerealness.


33 y.o. Tver, Russia



23 y.o. Tver, Russia