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CCULDESAC 0:53\ Hi! I would like to make an article about your page on cculdesac.com

Would you be interested? 

>???????? 8:27\ Of course! That would be great.

CCULDESAC 11:54\ Nice.\ Do you make images yourself?


>???????? 11:57\ Most of it is made by an algorithm.  

CCULDESAC 11:59\ I understand. I mean are the images made by your initiative? Do you want to show your authorship? 

>???????? 12:04\ Yes.\ I choose popular images such as celebrities, runway models, sculptures and mix them with the less popular like insects, computers, old clothes, children’s toys.\ Thus, we can see Kristen Stewart on the red carpet that acquired a form of a snail!\ Or, for instance, Rodin’s sculptures that became Haut Couture clothing and ready to be presented on Paris Fashion Week next season.\ \ Authorship is not necessary


CCULDESAC 12:08\ Great!\ How should we name your project? Like the name of your page?


>???????? 12:08 

As you wish

CCULDESAC 12:10\ Do you have an instagram page?


>???????? 12:10 

No, I am sorry 


Don’t be 

May I know your name? For myself 


>???????? 12:11 

I am *** 


Nice to meet you\ I am **** 

>???????? 12:11

Nice to meet you too!

CCULDESAC 12:12\ Could you send me the images in uncompressed quality?  

>???????? 12:12\ They come out in exactly that quality.  

CCULDESAC 12:13\ I understand, but I think VK compresses it even more.

>???????? 12:13\ Not at all. It is impossible to send them anyway, I delete everything from my hard drivers.\ I would never think that someone would dig it.


CCULDESAC 12:17\ If you are interested, I suggest sending your images secretly to me until they are completely destroyed in the best possible quality. 

>???????? 12:19\ Ok. I will\ But! I assure everything will be exactly the same quality 


Thank you, I will be waiting

>???????? 12:22\ I was talking to you! 

See you\ And have a nice day\ Oh, and how many images are required? I need to know not to send 1000000 of them  

CCULDESAC 12:23\ Same for you!\ You can send something like 50+\ I will select some of them following my instinct  

>???????? 12:26 





>???????? 13:26\ I restored most of the archive 

Enjoy\ *link* 


Thank you!