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My name is Sasha but it is not my real name. According to my passport I am Gulshen Ataeva.👲

If one day I finally get the citizenship of Russian Federation, I will change my name to Alesana — this is a name of one of my favourite bands. Not sure I will get the citizenship tho. My mom was against this idea for a long time so I had to run away from home, I was wanted three times - well, it’s a long story. Turkmenistan has many laws that impede the acquisition of another citizenship or even leaving the country. I can firmly say that this is one of the most stupid countries, more precisely, the country with the most stupid president!🥵 This is my nightmare, which I often tell a lot about and this is the longest story.

Now I am 26, I live in Tver. I have very few friends here but much more critics. A lot of people are freaked out by me but I shouldn’t worry about this yet, I will still have time to catch up. Either I’m on the wanted list or I have to be at the Federal Migration Service… it always seems to me that I don’t have time to live because I get stuck into stupid problems all the time… I would exchange them for any other problems instead! In short, the only sip of fresh air for me is to shock people in Tver. When I get up from the dressing table after finishing my makeup, my husband often says «Well, I have to blush for you again». My two most popular images are a lesbian and a hypertrophic-erotic girl. I often hear that I’m a drug addict. No, at least I don’t have such a problem. I am more worried about my relationship with alcohol. I surely can’t call myself a pleasure-catcher, I would rather say that I am a pleasure-breaker. I often say at parties: “well, that’s enough, let’s play something?” I don’t need doping to get high since my life in Turkmenistan had me already going nuts so no one understands when I am sober and when I am not. 🤪

Music is another sip of fresh air for me. I still walk with my mp3 player and my playlist almost doesn’t change (emo-core is still about 80%  of what I listen to). My favourite group is Blink 182. I adore 2000s MTV, that time their clips and Jackass were often played! I dreamt about being the only girl in that band and doing crazy things so everybody thinks I am psycho and only I can get a great enjoyment out of it!😋