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Away from (the) keyboard



Away from (the) keyboard.

…pays tribute to the early 2000s. Teenagers started discovering the World Wide Web.


Wireless Local Area Network or better known as WLAN wasn’t that popular at that time. Equipped with tons of energy drinks and snacks, they used to meet up to hide together behind flickered screens surrounded by a bunch of coloured cables. They were doing this for days or sometimes even weeks, needing to game together till the tingly fingers. 


There’s no excuse to leave, except to give notice you are going away from the keyboard (AfK).

„AfK (Away from Keyboard)“ 

for Marximum Magazine (@marximumag)

Creative Direction: OLE SPÖTTER & YANNIC J. HOHAUS (@olevanhaven & @yannicjoeel)

Photographer: GRZEGORZ BIENIEK (@grzegorz_bieniek)

Talent: CELINA PLANK (@sadhoe.jpg)

Fashion Editor: YANNIC J. HOHAUS (@yannicjoeel)