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Electoris is a mythical animal that lives in a biopolitical environment. It combines a shape of an intelligent man with a tail, a queer prosthetic, that indicates the presence of carnival and transcendence. The tail is reminiscent of the pseudo-animal principle and gravity, but it is useless as an extended imagination within the normative framework, it is pseudo-sexual. The body, camouflaged with abstract choreography, gives out its biological nature from time to time.

Electoris is a glide between sensations of realism. From the abstract, generalized conceptual routine of post-Soviet everyday life to Perestroika pop culture with its hegemony of visual formations; in between live and digital presences.

Electoris glides between different natural habitats. Perhaps this slip is determined by the fluidity of its thinking, or perhaps by total unconsciousness, which makes it possible for it to be involved in any cycle of cultural codes. What happens to the body during this slide? What kind of corporeality, sensuality does Electoris produce?

Choreography, performance, sound mix: Dasha Plokhova @horosho_dada

Video, prosthetic tail: Zhenya Yakhina @jeniayahina