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Victor Barragán was born in Mexico City and moved to New York City in 2015. He started his project ytinifninfinity in 2014 as an experiment that involved trending fashion, gender identity, and media consumption. The brand proposes an untried but curated image by incorporating not just the clothing, but also atypical art direction, styling, and photography. His collections offer an alternative to conventional fashion lines by reconceiving “basics” in irregular variations.

BARRAGÁN creates new silhouettes out of old ones by removing and re-attaching elements to create his distinctive aesthetic. Plain white t-shirts and blue jeans are re-imagined as halter tops, aprons, dresses, or a combination of different garments in one. These pieces are made in disregard to gendered standards creating a line that exists in an indefinable category.

What is your attitude towards esoteric?

I’m from México, “brujeria” (witchcraft) is pretty common over there, and I believe in the positive energy  we send to the world and the people around us.

As we know, you live in NYC. How do you not dissolve in such a big city?

There are so many things going on in this city the same as in Mexico City which is crowded and really dangerous that the change was not that hard. The barrier language and cultural shock is a different history.

Just imagine, you woke up in Russia, what would be your 1st thought?

I need to check all the abandoned monuments, housing sponsor buildings, and other brutalism architecture.

Barragan has succeeded on NYFW, but besides your designer achievements what else can you make people jealous with?

I feel I’m pretty funny and have a weird sense of humor that could make feel people love me or hate me.

If you would have an ability to undress anybody in the world, who would it be?

Bruce Willis Fifth element Jean Paul Gaultier outfit.

Nowadays the role of collaborations takes a huge place in fashion industry. What is your crush-collaboration?

A shoe designer as I don’t know much about that field yet.

What is your most dirty dream?

Orgy with all that Instagram papis.

When you have an absence of ideas, how do you inspire yourself?

Walking helps me a lot, but honestly my mind sometimes can’t stop, that’s something that annoys me. I suffer from anxiety all the time.

If you had a chance to lick any art object, what would it be?

She exhumed the ashes of the architect Luis Barragan and converted him on a diamond. This art piece is pretty out of reality, so I’d like to put this ring in my mouth at any time.

Do you consider yourself as a cosmopolite?

Nah, I’m a young mexican with wi-fi.

Art objects that you create are going contrary to Russian mentality & most people living in our country consider such trends as non-appropriate content. How would you approach this type of audience?

My personal work besides the clothes is pretty offensive for some audience. I like playing and turning upside down masculinity from the latin/machism to my gay view of the world. Make people uncomfortable is something that I enjoy too much, this is 2016 and I feel people keep wasting their time with so many bad attitude around the world. Life is too short for not trying something new everyday.

Victor Barragan for CCULDESACC

Photography by Lucy Alcorn/subvrtmag, BABYHOUSE/MADE