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Tell me please a bit about your background as a duo, how did you meet, where do you come from and what has led you two to the MIRRROR? ​ MIRRROR: We’re both from the bay and both happen to be in Tokyo. We met through a mutual friend from the bay, originally we were just hanging out not even thinking about making music, but a lot of our musical tastes were overlapped. Takumi was already making music and we slowly started to realise we wanted to make music and then Takumi started inviting me to the studio. Then we just kind of figured everything out.

You have just released your first EP and in one of your interviews your are saying that this was a potential record. What do you think, which way is your potential targeted to? ​ M: We would like to be based in america and reach a broader audience.

How would you describe or characterise your relationship with music? Do you consider it as your main long-term activity? 

Takumi: I love music and I’ll always love making music, but my dreams aren’t just about the music. I guess to put it simply it’s about visibility. 

Mei: I’ve always loved listening to music and researching and understanding more about the artists that I like. I still am developing my relationship with making music but its something I’ve always wanted to do so im really stoked to be on this journey.

I need three people (could be anyone) from each of you  that you consider as your base, your live engine and your spiritual friend. 

​Takumi: honestly, those three things for me are mei. 

Mei: likewise 

Kum, you already had one album released solo (Takumi - Yama) and that one had a completely different sound comparing to what you do now, how would you explain this? Do you see this change as a development? 

Takumi: How would i explain this, uh that’s just where I was at the time. So I was just straight playing piano all day during that time, that’s actually when i knew you Genya. I see this change for sure as a development, but it’s due to my past three years here in Tokyo because I consider this time to be very transformative.

Do you split production process in roles? One is managing the lyrics another one music etc.

Takumi: honestly, we’re a team

Mei: likewise

There is a ramen conveyor in the last music clip you have released recently. Name your favourite ramen place in Tokyo.

It’s funny because we both don’t really eat ramen at all, we do like soba tho.

How would you describe life in Tokyo in three words? 

Fun but sucks

You guys are the great representation of people who combine in themselves two completely opposite cultures, how does it work with your lifestyle and reflect on your music? 

It was never intended for this to be our situation or circumstance. But it gave us great material to work with for our first EP, the most significant about it is that it’s a shared experience between us two.

Are there any people in or outside of the music industry that you would like to collaborate with?

​Kaytranada, Toro y moi, Yaeji, Yeek, Solange. Outside of music - Japanese fashion brands that we like. 

You are offered to take a trip into space, but there is no way to come back to Earth, are you still going?

​Maybe not

Do your families support you? What do they think of music as of your professional choice? 

​Takumi: my mama supports me, almost too much sometimes. I mean she stays very real with it almost too much sometimes, but I’m blessed to have her in my corner. 

Mei: Yeah, my family always supports my creative endeavours.

You woke up in the middle of the night in front of the mirror - your first thoughts and actions?

​Why? Why is this here?

I assume that you both are self taught musicians, does this define and shape your music? ​

Mei: have you not listened to what it was? (laughs) 

Takumi: we don’t got no rules, no genres no arrangements. it’s just based on how we feel.

How is the underground scene in Tokyo? Are there a lot of rising artists out there?

​Yeah, theres a couple of artists that we fuck with. We fuck with this band called D.A.N. and our music video director is part of this band called Yahyel.

What is your dream place or venue to perform at? Why? 

Either the Regency in SF or The Fox in Oakland. just on some hometown love type shit. 

In your music videos you have such beautiful set ups and visuals. Do you have a big team that works with you on it? 

​Thank you, one of our good friend Kento Yamada, he’s a great director and we trust him and his team to execute what we got.  

Yesterday I broke a window (true story) - what should I do with all this glass laying around my room?

Damn, pick it up and make an installation.